product design

products are the core of every business. design, if applied strategically, can add meaningful value, differentiate you from competitive offers and create a strong bond with your customers.

based on your vision or design strategy, we design products that excite your target groups and that strengthen your brand. with smart functionality and spot-on product esthetics, we aim to create outstanding customer experiences.

product design language

whether we look at apple, bmw or ktm, they all share an exceptionally high brand recognition value, deriving from a consistently applied and carefully evolved product design language. a language, that turns each of their products into brand ambassadors, strengthening their brand image and raising their brand value.

at lighthouse we don‘t care about beauty. we care about design effectiveness. we specialize in intelligent product design languages, that sustainably manifest your brand positioning and successfully address your customers purchase drivers. and if it happens, that your target groups, the market or design jurors call the result then beautiful – I guess, we can‘t help it.

product communication

even a great product has a hard time of doing the job alone. it requires the corresponding communication that promotes its assets and that creates an emotional stage. needless to say that product and communication should tell the same story in order to be authentic and effective. and since we know what makes the product special, we‘re often asked by our clients, to make sure both form a winning team. we‘ll help you tell the story across all relevant communication media and channels.

brand design

a good brand design is based on your brand strategy, engages your target audience and provides an increased customer experience. it will manifest your identity, highlights what makes you stand out and sets you apart from your competition. and that, across all your brand touch points – from your logo and slogan, your look and feel, all the way to your digital and non-digital brand media. with the brand design guidelines we‘ll make sure then, that the design stays true to its intent and powerful to its audiences. ultimately supporting you to move business forward - sustainably.

experience design

a brand is only as attractive as the sum of your experiences with it. experiences which might have been positive or negative – i.e. a brand offers a great product, but an unfriendly service, an inspiring advertisement, but the user manual is a real nightmare ... so whether the overall brand experience turns out to be desirable, is more often than not, a pure gamble. many customers have been lost (or not won) due to unpleasant brand encounters along the line. but why take that risk, if you can design it from a to z, and by doing so, create a brand experience that makes your customers feel special and that gives your brand and products this very effective added value.

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