lighthouse excels with a seasoned team of independent design experts. allowing us to match your specific project challenges with the most effective group of specialists.

supporting you in the design of product, communication, branding all the way to user & brand experiences.

and we not only help you develop innovative solutions, but we're also at your side throughout the entire implementation process.

lutz kucher

ceo of lighthouse01 - design, design strategy, branding, experience design

lutz, is a passionate designer and one of the european pioneers in design strategy and design thinking. he loves to connect the dots a bit ahead of time, to develop with his clients trendsetting solutions that change the rules of the game. lutz focussed the last 20+ years with his work and at university on a more sustainable, advanced mobility. in the rare moments, when he’s not thinking design, he enjoys working on the fields and writing children books.

lets create a better world.

johannes scherr

transportation and product design

johannes is an austrian designer, that runs successfully his own design agency and teaches in various design universities. johannes with his vast experience excels in furniture, product, mobility and industrial design. he guides his clients systematically to solutions, that synergize economical and ecological interests. hence creating innovations, that deliver compelling answers to tomorrows user and market needs.

marko damiš

graphic design, branding, multimedia

marko, is a high-passion communication design expert, brand strategist and design philosopher. he magically connects the dots from a diverse array of competences, whether we’re talking business strategy, graphic design, branding, multimedia all the way to contemporary art.

designing life

anton brousseau

transportation design

anton is a transportation designer focused on the electric future. his passion is anything on two wheels, but like all designers he enjoys solving any problem worth solving. when he's not working, he can be found traveling the world in search of the next spark of inspiration for the future projects to come.  

keep things simple.

thomas hesse

transportation and industrial design

tom, is a seasoned product design expert, with a broad transportation design track record and an outstanding implementation competence, which he also enjoys passing on to his students at the design university in linz. austria. being a passionate snow-boarder tom is often found high-up in the mountains testing his latest snowboard developments.

marjeta černe

3D brand experiences

marjeta, is a highly acclaimed slovenian architect, who adds this very special touch to our clients brand touch points and 3D brand experiences. no matter whether we talk retail, POS or exhibition design, marjeta creates these high-style statements, that let our clients brands shine each time a little stronger.

its all about the balance of harmony and inspiration.

what's beyond the horizon?