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                                lighthouse01, lutz, kucher, consulting, design, strategy, design thinking, market innovation, product range, brand strategy, design strategy

spoke - brand design

synergizing two antipodes

the background

Spoke, an ambitious mobility start-up positioned itself clearly amongst the big players of the mobility ecosystem. In it’s quest to synergize the leading forces in the ecosystem, Spoke cooperated pretty much from the start with market leaders such as Audi, AWS, Qualcomm and other big players of the industry. Forcing the brand appearance to better live up to the occasion.

Another requirement was to convey an overall brand message that would raise desire amongst Spokes very diverse target groups. A challenging stretch, considering those ranging from highly rational engineers, profit-oriented business managers, road safety organisation officials, all the way to fanatic bike afficionados or moms caring for their childrens road safety.

Spoke wanted to be a place where all those people felt appreciated in their neids, atttitudes and expectations - no matter whether a B2B partner or a commuter on its daily ride through the urban jungle.

And from a general message point of view the key challenge certainly was to synergize two as diverse emotions as FEAR (of having being hit by cars or trucks) and FUN (because if you don’t feel threatened anymore, the fun of riding a bike or any other VRU mobility increases sharply).

Ultimately the task on hand was to develop an overall brand experience that was trust-creating, comforting, sympathetic and fun to experience.

the solution

lighthouse01 created with the Spoke Brand Design the basis for the future Spoke Brand Experience development. The Spoke Brand Design, manifested in the Spoke Brand Design Guidelines, gives clear directions to 3rd parties on how to design the future brand media to ensure a consistent brand message over time.

Certainly one of the outstanding characteristics of the Spoke Brand Design is, that it consists of such a wide range of brand media and touch points. Ranging from the brand basics such as logo, fonts, colours etc. and their application into classical print, digital media, event media, hardware products all the way to the Spoke App, as the main brand ambassador and the daily compagnon of Spokes end users..

The result is a brand design that sets new standards in the mobility ecosystem. Its vivid character and high emotionality succeeds to build a narrative bridge between an automotive grade high tech B2B company and a lifestylish consumer brand. It sends a brand message that connects and resonates with a wide range of target groups. We’d call it truly democratic. Ultimately sublimely orchestrating Spoke’s brand claim – Connected. Safe. For all.


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